baby bottle pop

i play babygirl and you play daddy.

you're on the couch drinking beer, and i have a new skimpy outfit from the mall. i sit next to you.

you don't immediately acknowledge me. you wait until a break in the dialogue, a new scene, to glance over at me, my legs, my cleavage.

"where do you think you're going dressed like that?"

i only roll my eyes

you finish your beer making eye contact with me. you're not happy. you gesture with the bottle at me as you tell me i look like cheap, slutty trash.

I say, "What if I am cheap, slutty trash?"

You reach across my thigh and pull my legs apart. I can smell my cunt and I know you can too. your hand trails along my thigh, squeezing, up and down. "all right, cheap slut."

you place your fingers and palm on my pussy, feeling the hot and humid flesh under the damp cotton gusset. "all right."

pulling the fabric aside, you dip your fingers between my pussy lips, stroking me up and down so sweetly, so gently.

you take the rim of your beer bottle and meet the rim of my womb, watching me squirm, half in shock as you pump the brown glass in and out of my slutty little hole.

i can't help but cum on the cool glass, in the beam of your stare.


(c) 2020 delphi liminal